The Eastnet Amateur Radio Network

On June 4, 2016 we had our first bi-yearly meeting at the American Red Cross
Headquarters, Farmington, CT. Those in attendance were:
John K1LYP
Carey WB1SES
Larry K1HEJ
Frank KB2QZH
Brian N1URO

146.685 was our talk-in. N1URO and K1HEJ manned the HTs. We held off starting
the meeting due to what seemed to be a lack of attendance from those who did
give us a heads up that they were coming. We opened the meeting around 9:30am.

We began with our typical "round table introductions" so everyone knew who
was who and what their interest in this mode is. Next K1HEJ gave us his NTS
reports and reviewed some of the monthly reporting he does for the CT section
which goes to K1STM. Brian let Bob KB1ZBH do a quick talk about the VHF net
he's net manager for: Nutmeg VHF Traffic Net.

George AB1GL was not in attendance nor was Stana WA1LOU due to personal
issues. Their presentations were missed. 

Next, Brian N1URO talked about Dayton. Frank KB2QZH (Who's with the Red Cross
in Bridgeport also discussed his experiences in Dayton. We mentioned some of
the hot booths and discussed the TNC-X along with the new TNC from the
NorthWest Digital group which N1URO will be getting a copy of for testing
purposes with both FlexNet and URONode softwares. There was a brief discussion
on HamWan with more to follow at a future meeting. N1URO mentioned he was in
conversation with Bryan Fields in regards to building HamWan in the northeast.
N1URO also shared a print out of his weekly EastNet Amprnet bulletin reports
that go on the @NESBBS packet bulletin group for all to read.

We took a 15 minute break and resumed by 11:00 which then N1URO did his final
segment of presentations in regards to node soft/firmwares which he calls
"Know Your Node". This is report to which N1URO in cooperation with NJ1Q
(W1AW manager), ARRL Regulatory, and the FCC reviewed using aliasing on
AX.25. ARRL Regulatory, via the FCC prohibits the use of AX.25 Aliasing
as per Part 97 which states that callsigns *must* be used to begin/end 
transmissions, with a callsign as an IDentifier every 10 minutes in between.
There's a laundry list of node soft/firmwares that have the ability to 
easily violate Part 97 to which these violations are permanently embedded
code within the node soft/firmwares and EastNet strongly suggests avoiding
use of these at all costs for the protection of your licensing. A copy
of this report may be found here:
Soft/firmware report

At this point after review of the packet sniffs and soft/firmwares, N1URO
opened the forum to Questions and Answers which were very limited thus the
meeting was adjourned by 12:00 noon. Date/time/place of our fall meeting
was not discussed. If anyone wishes to host one please speak up otherwise
we'll continue to make use of the Red Cross facility for as long as we may.
On November 7, 2015 we had our second bi-yearly meeting once again held at the
American Red Cross - Farmington, CT. 
In attendance was:
Patrick - N1OTW (W1SP CT State Police System)
Don - K1CMM (W1EDH)
Mac - W1FYM (W1EDH)
Stana - WA1LOU (TAPR)
Tom - KB2ZAM (K2PUT)
Rob - KB2ZMC (K2PUT)
Ted - K1YON (K1YON)
Brian - N1URO (N1URO)
Larry - K1HEJ (CT NTS)

Meeting Notes:
We began at 9:00ish (9:15 is more accurate). N1URO again provided the most
important tools: Coffee & donuts. Once everyone settled down with their
favorite beverage and baked good(s) of choice, we passed around a signin
sheet. N1URO provided an agenda sheet which followed the signin sheet.
We went to the next item which was the typical round table introduction, and
node status reports and/or wish lists. Tom and Rich mentioned the need to get
links into Long Island working on the backbone as there is no RF to Long 
Island from New York state to be had. N1URO mentioned Alpine which we're
waiting for coordination with Warren WB2ONA on. While on the call of WB2ONA.
N1URO noted how now most packet links at W1HAD do NOT exist, and a need of
getting WB2ONA back to Shelton may need to be requied. Status is unknown since
the time of Warren's last visit, a status report was not known in regards to
packet. WB2ZAM also mentioned the desire to link west into Orange County, NY,
and links north back into Albany at this writing were not planned. N1URO
suggested building a parallel network for redundancy. This may be a good
possibility. Tom also mentioned how K2PUT is in the process of getting 
upgraded to the new inage thats been deployed out recently to sites such
as W1EDH and WB2ONA for example.

K1HEJ and KB1NAL both mentioned the difficulty with the Eastern Massachusetts
sites, BPQ software, and lack of presence by anyone from Eastern Mass at this
meeting. N1URO was asked about the status of the proposed backbone in EMA that
was part of old business. N1URO deferred it to the old business. KB1NAL 
mentioned his extreme disappointment in the lack of presence by anyone from
EMA and wondered if the wired network designed by N1UAN and W1GMF were 
going to be rebuilt which hinders our goal as amateurs and ecomm ops. Lee
also gave a report about his user station in Norwich.

N1OTW discussed the microwave link and how that was recently improved, along
with a desire to internetwork between the W1SP system and our FlexNet network.
It appears that a Raspberry Pi may be preferred for this. Everyone welcomed
this news.

K1YON mentioned how we together as EastNet have the ability to pull resources
from each other to help the network grow. He is also looking for new links
if possible. Ted also mentioned the work recently done at K2PUT and how we
can't understand how that link didn't come back as it should have. Diags
of radios at both sites show them to be spot on and identical.

N1URO confirmed all the above reports and status. Motion to accept Old 
Business as made and seconded by all. New business began and first up
was Stana WA1LOU from TAPR. Stana gave a very good self introduction and then
a great history summary about the early days of TAPR. She metioned some of the
services TAPR offers, the kits, the digital conferences, etc. Membership
forms were offered to those in attendance for both new and renewal 
memberships. N1URO added that TAPR runs the list servers for his URONode and
axMail softwares, and how thankful he was for TAPR's beliefs in his projects
and the support TAPR has given him and all hams in the digital world.

A short recess was had so everyone could stretch their legs, get refills,
use the facilities, etc.

When we ajourned N1URO was setting up his gear for a group demo on the large
screen TV and gave the floor to K1HEJ for the NTS/ARES/RACES part... sly
Larry immediately gave the floor to AB1GL. A very heated discussion ensued
about a variety of topics from internet usage, to lack of true testing of
the FlexNet network, ability to handle various applications and client
softwares etc. N1URO continued to test his gear then jumped in to show
that the common denominator with email, webeoc, etc is all TCP/IP which does
NOT have to be WIRE! 802.11 is wireLESS and works great in most homes, and 
with devices such as Ubiquity and the 802.11 protocol on amateur bands we
should be able to build a good mesh network at high speed with classic
packet as a redundant path. Testing and more discussions were agreed to be
needed. K1CMM was also insturmental in this discussion. Some things that were
misunderstood were cleared up. 

To close, N1URO gave a talk about what he lables the EastNet image, and
how well it's been reportedly to work. W1FYM and K1CMM both commented as
to how rock-solid W1EDH has been and has many additional features. N1URO
had them verify there is NO internet at all at W1EDH. Once that was 
established, N1URO used a 4GLTE gateway to telnet into W1EDH. The connection
was almost instant. Once logged in, N1URO gave a brief demo of URONode, some
of the plugins, and moved onto axMail-FAX. N1URO successfully sent himself
an email from w1edh to his yahoo account which was received in less than 
a minute. N1URO also demonstrated the difference between IP over 1200 baud
and 9600 baud.

Meeting concluded around 1:45pm.
You are invited to the second 2015 EastNet packet
meeting. This meeting will occur on Saturday, 
November 7, 2015 at 9:00amish at the Red Cross
Headquarters of Connecticut on Rt 4 in Farmington.

Our agenda will be the following:
- Check-in
- Sysop/Node status reports. 
- NTS/ARES/RACES reports and presentations
- URONode/axMail demonstration with projector
  and EastNet image deployments - why this image?
- Path trouble shooting... which way do I go?

If anyone needs/wants to do a presentation, feel fre
to let me know and I'll do what I can to pencil you
in. I'll also need a head count so that I can provide
the proper amount of refreshments for everyone.

Get to I-84. Take exit 39 (Rt 4 Farmington)
At the set of lights stay in your right lane
and go right onto Route 4 East.  Follow Route 4
for approximately 1.5 miles (I want to say 3 lights?)
The Red Cross will be on the right hand side just 
past the UCONN health center/John Dempsey Hospital.

If someone hasn't heard of this or they may not have received this
email please forward it on. New comers looking to learn and gain
information are also welcome.

On June 13, 2015, at the American Red Cross, Farmington Connecticut
facility, we had a meeting. In this meeting we had users and sysops
from all over New England attend.

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Date/Time   : 13-Jun-15 22:21
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Subject     : June 13, 2015 Meeting

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Greetings one and all. We had ourselves a great time rag chewing with old 
friends and making new ones. As soon as Douglas sends me the meeting notes
I'll post them here and online at http://www.eastnetpacket.org/ where
I've made a new link at the bottom of the main page called "Meeting Notes".
A photo of the group excluding the taker Mac W1FYM is already there for

Everyone chipped in with their comments, concerns, suggestions, etc. It was
a very informative meeting with folks from as far away as the very eastern
tip of Massachusetts in attendance - a 4-5 hour round trip drive! Thanks for
everyone who was in attendance, hopefully for your time we were able to let
you leave with at least some new points of knowledge and resources to tap
into for assistance.

There was interest by the group to meet every 6 months. The Red Cross was
also suggested as a good centrally located site even for folks in NJ who
may want to attend to come up. Brian N1URO provided the coffee and donuts
which a box o' jo was donated to the current on-duty staff at the Red Cross
for appreciation of their being there for us and for use of the facility.

We opened the meeting at 9:15am with a round-table introduction of ourselves,
Marcia K1WU gave a brief talk about her system, and her HF links. Larry 
K1HEJ gave a talk about NTSD and the two DECs that were in attendance added
ARES/EOC information that was interesting to say the least. Brian N1URO did
a talk about server softwares, mail and attachments on FlexNet. We took a 10
minute break at 10:35am, reconviened at 10:45 with N1URO discussing the 
importance of network infrastructure/construction. Before we closed at 11:20am
it was brought up by those there how we should meet again in approximately 6
months if anything as a follow-up to our progress. This was accepted. The
meeting ended around 11:30am and a small crew of us met at Panera for a quick
sandwich and to share more stories. Betsey K1EIC had some very interesting
stories to share.

More info when I get it. 

73 de Brian N1URO

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Pictured from left to right (more names as I get them)
Greg KC1CIC, Jim W1JT, Lorenz W1IQI, Larry K1HEJ, Ted K1YON
Brian N1URO, Mark, Joel N1IOT, Marcia K1WU, Douglas WA1SFH, Betsey K1EIC,
George AB1GL, and Don K1CMM. Taking the photo without a selfie stick is Mac W1FYM.