The Eastnet Amateur Radio Network

On June 9, 2018 we had our first of two yearly meetings at the American Red
Cross Headquarters, Farmington, CT. Those in attendance were:
Marcia KW1U
Paul N6VOY
Larry K1HEJ
Douglas WA1SFH
Brian N1URO
Dale NK1D

N1URO provided the coffee and donuts, K1HEJ was our  laison to the Red Cross 
in the use of the room. We thank the Red Cross for the use of their facilities. 
The meeting started at 9:00am.

The start of the meeting was thrown off a bit by K1CMM who took to heart too
much of a commentary N1URO shared in a handout (which wasn't really slated
to be discussed) in regards to Winlink as further reasons why EastNet does
NOT support it's usage. This delayed things by almost 30 minutes.

We began with our typical "round table introductions" so everyone knew who
was who and sysops gave their status reports. N1URO gave a proxy report for
those who emailed them in that could NOT be in attendance. Long Island seemed
to be a very active bunch eager to build! Now to get others on board.

After this, we held elections to carry us into 2020. Those nominated and
elected without any objections were:
President: N1URO
Vice President: KA1YZC
Secretary: W1FYM

Next K1HEJ gave us his NTS reports and reviewed some of the monthly reporting 
he does for the CT section which goes to K1STM. Following a very brief NTS 
statement, WA1FSH gave a talk about ARES and their needs.

We took a break around 10:45am and resumed around 11. When we resumed, N1URO
and K1HEJ discussed a project presented to us as it relates to the Red Cross
network/packet needs. N6VOY, who is the local chief radio operator (and who
was kind enough to get us the room) brought their needs to the table and we
discussed how to accomodate them with their needs assessment. This took a good
half hour as W1FYM also mapped out potential site locations for us to insure
good links so that we can get Farmington Red Cross HQ and their remote sites
linked in together for mail exchanging. This was a pretty in depth discussion
and we're doing what we can to move forward to make this happen. A lot of this
is pending on Red Cross approval as well. It was also discovered that a
possible 3-way link at 9600 baud between the Red Cross, N1URO, and K1DFS may
be a viable link to which W1FYM showed a good path between K1DFS and W1WCG.
This would help get Van back on FlexNet and NTS forwarding off 2-meter using
the W1SP systems. It was determined that a site in Stafford Springs, CT may
be one of the better locations as it can not only hit Red Cross in Rhode
Island but also may provide a path into Marcia! This would be a great start
for Eastern Mass to build a backbone... finally!

We ended the meeting at noon which afterward N6VOY gave us a tour of the
Red Cross radio room (current and future) and Paul got a taste of what our
EastNet systems can do. Later on in the evening N1URO went to the QTH of
N6VOY and got his packet station working up there.

Simon KD2DEW at WECA is looking into getting us a room in Westchester County
New York for our fall meeting.
Old photo from 2016 below:

Pictured from left around the table to the right:
Don K1CMM, Mac W1FYM, Chris WA1TNR, Pat WB2CMF, Douglas WA1SFH, Ted K1YON, Simon KD2DOE
John KK1X (standing), Larry K1HEJ, George AB1GL, Levon KB1ZVT
Old Meeting Notes-2017

Old Meeting Notes-2016

You can get AB1GL's presentation here