The Eastnet Amateur Radio Network

On June 3, 2017 we had our first of two yearly meetings at the American Red
Cross Headquarters, Farmington, CT. Those in attendance were:
Phil N1DN
Chris WA1TNR
George AB1GL
Simon KD2DOE
John KK1X
Larry K1HEJ
Douglas WA1SFH
Levon KB1ZVT

146.685 was our talk-in, and we thank the Insurance City Repeater Club for
the use of their machine. N1URO provided the coffee and donuts, K1HEJ worked
the talk-in and was our laison to the Red Cross in the use of the room. We
thank the Red Cross for the use of their facilities. The meeting started at

We began with our typical "round table introductions" so everyone knew who
was who and what their interest in this mode is. One of the wish list items
was presented by AB1GL thinking it'd be good to have an end user document
written by an actual end user. N1DN volunteered to do this project. Thanks

Next K1HEJ gave us his NTS reports and reviewed some of the monthly reporting 
he does for the CT section which goes to K1STM. Following a very brief NTS 
statement, AB1GL gave an excellent talk about ARES. 

After George, Douglas WA1SFH gave his intense talk about how we can get young
folks interested in our hobby which is severely needed as we're becoming SKs
and don't have younger folks to pass our knowledge and skills off to.

We took a break around 10:30am and resumed around 11. We discussed EastNet as
an entity and decided it was time we designated a "board of directors" but
did not decide to incorporate or become an official non-profit. The board
of directors is as follows:

President - N1URO
Vice-President - K1YON
Secretary - W1FYM
Tech Committee (multiples):

The vote was unanimous for all.

Brian then gave a run down as to how the new EastNet system works internally
on a PC and how FlexNet/URONode/etc all interlink together.

The meeting ajourned approximately 12:15pm

Pictured from left around the table to the right:
Don K1CMM, Mac W1FYM, Chris WA1TNR, Pat WB2CMF, Douglas WA1SFH, Ted K1YON, Simon KD2DOE
John KK1X (standing), Larry K1HEJ, George AB1GL, Levon KB1ZVT
Old Meeting Notes

You can get AB1GL's presentation here