The Eastnet Amateur Radio Network

URONode and axMail-FAX are two of the fastest growing node/mail programs
for packet radio today, and URONode itself is one of the few nodes still
being developed today. Why URONode for EastNet? Because it's one of the
few node systems that handles flexnet routing for the network. EastNet's
developer does what he can to keep the node up to date and with features
unseen in any other node software. The features are almost endless!!

Since URONode also works on the very economical Raspberry Pi, there's
a full Pi distro available at the author's FTP server. Updates are always
within reason and security gets prompt attention. This is necessary as
URONode and axMail-FAX are a part of the .RPM distribution of the
Fedora/RedHat system. Configuration for the Pi distro or in use
of the Pi installer script is quite simple. Everything you need to
change is already set as examples in the various configuration files.
Just change the bracket to callsign or BRACKET to CALLSIGN... whatever
your callsign may be.

URONode has many advantages over all other nodes in how it's able to
communicate. While other nodes lay claims to do this, URONode actually
DOES natively! For a comparison to nodes here's a table to study:

node			OSI Layer 4
Software	ax.25	NetRom	Rose	AMPR	FlexNet  Port<>MultiPort-digi
--------	-----	------	----	----	-------  -------------------
URONode		  Y        Y      Y       Y       Y          Y
BPQ		  Y       Y**     N      N*       N          N
XRouter		  Y       Y**     N      N*       N          N
FPAC		  Y       Y*      Y       Y       N          N
xNOS		  Y       Y*      N       Y       N          N
LinuxNode         Y        Y      Y       Y       N          N
XNET		  Y       Y**     N       Y       Y          Y

Y* - Not Software2000 (c) compliant, could cause issues.
Y**- INP3 based, causes false propagation of unconnectable nodes.
     Also makes it non-complaint to Software2000 specifications.
N* - Requires a 3rd party software shim.

As you can see, URONode is probably the most cross-protocol compatable
node software one can find, handling 5 of the 5 most used OSI Layer 4
networks on modern packet radio. The flexibility of URONode also makes
it friendly on HF networks at 300 baud, as well as on ultra high-speed 
networks such as the HAMNET mesh network running 802.11! URONode is also
the only node that allows for full crossport digipeating. This is a 
requirement for our FlexNet node configurations. Other softwares may
be able to digi from port A to port C but they can't digi from port A to 
port B without sysop intervention and while breaking digi from port A to
port C. This is not necessary with URONode, matching some of it's
functionality to that of pc/FlexNet.

EastNet has a fully pre-configured hard disk image available upon
request so that we may properly coordinate you into the network. The base
line contains: URONode, axMail-FAX, pc/FlexNet, F6FBB BBS and it can handle 
both serial and USB interfaces.


axMail-FAX is EastNet's powerful SMTP mail system plugin for URONode and
possibly other untested node softwares. Like with URONode, this too runs
on both Linux and the Raspberry Pi platforms. Add-ons are available which
can make your packet axMail email available to/from your smartphone! This
is a very handy tool if you're being called upon to be at an EOC in the
event of an emergency... and all WITHOUT any special software on your
phone! Winlink can not lay claim to this. More and more EOCs are turning
their heads to axMail for many reasons. One of which is the fact it can
do things on a dumb terminal that RMS or xNOS can NOT do. Below is a simple
table comparing features:

APP	   SMTP  HF  AFwding Inet POP3 	Priority  Receipts Attachments Confirmations
axMail	    Y     Y    Y      Y    Y*        Y        Y         Y          Y
xNOS        Y     Y    N      Y    Y**       N        N	 	Y          N
RMS/WL2k    Y     Y    N      Y*** N         N        N	 	Y          N

Y* - with axMail addon.
Y** - while you can pop, you may not be able to send through it.
Y*** - Final mail transport is internet which must be used to keep CMS dbs
       in sync.

As you see, the features are greater in axMail. The Receipt and Priority
generators in axMail allows the sender on a packet dumb terminal such as
Qmodem or Hyperterm to send an emergency mail to a remote user such as an
employee at Red Cross, flag it in red to their outlook mail client, and
request Outlook generate a receipt back as verification of delivery. This
covers the operator in the event of an emergency that they completed their
duties and have a log of doing such via the receipt. It helps end the political
finger-pointing that's so common these days. 

Also the server delivery receipt generates a mail to the sender that their
mail was delivered to the remote server that the recipient is on. thus if
a remote user fails to generate a read-receipt, the sender has a log that
the remote server did successfully receive and deliver the mail to the
remote user. No other packet mail system does this!

With specific gateway nodes, end users using smartphone or tablet devices
can fully do their axMail without any modifications to their devices OR
the requirement of any additional softwares. The standard email client
software for the device will work fine.

EastNet has been using these softwares as part of the network because of
their robust features, stability, and attention they get from their development
team. The use of adding URONode/axMail to FlexNet nodes was part of the 
engineering design as far back as 2003. N1URO worked with K2BJG/SK in the
original design of EastNet and some MARS stations to install and configure
a fast and robust network full of applications for the end user to enjoy. We
also have chosen the softwares we use because of their OPEN SOURCE systems. 
The fact that they're open source gives us the availability to fix something
if we find it's broken or needs modifications. Today we still take great pride 
in our network and do what we can to maintain it for usage. We're pleased to 
see URONode/axMail also in two TAPR PSRs:
Summer 2014 - URONode
Winter 2015 - axMail
We encourage you to read the articles which may be found at www.tapr.org

Sites of interest for URONode/axMail:
gzipped tarballs, subversion, and static elf binaries available.

gzipped tarballs, and subversion available.

multiple addons, packet programs, etc found here.

Sign up to the URONode/axMail email list sponsored by TAPR

Note: Software2000 is the developer of the NetRom L4 protocol.
      INP3 is a system that resides under NetRom that uses rttl
      to calculate node quality under NetRom, which does not fall
      within Software2000 specifications.